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No man is to be judge in his own case

Nemo iudex in causa sua

Our lawyers will provide you with support in carrying out the procedure of Electronic Order for Payment as well as enforcement proceedings in the e-court on a mass scale.

We are well organized for mass conduct of proceedings of Electronic Order for Payment before the e-court. We have a dedicated IT system, suited adequately for that purpose, allowing us to conduct all the procedures efficiently at any stage of the proceedings.

Taking advantage of modern solutions such as e-court, shall enable resolving the problems much faster than with traditional forms of asserting one’s rights. Due to the fact that all documents are in electronic form, the correspondence between our Office and the court is much faster and more efficient. Proceedings in the e-court allow also for optimization of working costs, handling correspondence, court expenses and costs arising from legal representation by an attorney.

Our Office, therefore, shall properly prepare procedural documents and address them to the relevant court together with necessary evidences. Following obtainment of the binding rulings, we shall engage also in referring them to pre-enforcement debt collection or to a debt collector, where necessary.

If you wish to obtain court decisions in mass proceedings, we encourage you to contact our Law Office. You will be presented full course of the proceedings together with terms and conditions for cooperation with us.

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