Legal audit

Prevention is better than cure
Morbum evitare quam curare facilius est

The purpose of legal audit is to ensure the safety of enterprises, determine the legal status of an entrepreneur and to minimize the risks associated with the activities of the economic entity on the market.

The subject of legal audit is an extensive legal analysis to verify the decisions, actions and procedures taken within a company, as well as its internal operating rules or regulations, in regard to their compliance with the applicable provisions of law.

The scope of legal audit depends on the Client’s needs, as well as on the specifics of the industry and activities of the audited entity.

The scope of a comprehensive legal audit includes:

– analysis of the company’s compliance with applicable laws,

– examination of organization and functioning of the enterprise in terms of activities of managing and controlling bodies,

– investigation of legal status of real properties,

– review of company’s trade agreements with contractors,

– review of employment contracts,

– analysis of administrative, court and enforcement proceedings in course;

Each legal audit is followed by a report that indicates the facts, assessment of their compliance with applicable laws, as well as guidelines how to act accordingly to legal conditions and to secure the interests of the company to the maximum extent.

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